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My oldest daughter took her first cross-country flight just shy of three months old. When my youngest turned two, we took our first big family trip to Japan. For about three weeks, my husband and I and our two preschoolers wandered through temples and palaces. It was the first of many family adventures. The reason for our success, I’m convinced, was because along with Mom and Dad being prepared, our girls were prepped and excited. They knew about Mt. Fuji and couldn’t wait to ride on Japan’s fast train, Maglev, even if they couldn’t pronounce its name. After reading about Japan before bed, at the library and on a blanket at the park, they were ready to actually see it.

Just as adults use the internet and guide books to research and prepare for travel, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way in getting children excited about a trip, especially when it’s presented in a fun and colorful way. In a world where traveling often involves a bag full of electronics, it’s refreshing to come across tangible books that parents and kids want to crack open and read together. That’s why it was so exciting to find travel books for kids–the Panorama Pops series by Candlewick Press.

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photo: Candlewick Press

Although the series focuses on younger school-aged kids (5-9), when my 14 year-old first laid eyes on them, she dropped everything she was doing and started paging through. Actually paging through isn’t the best description. Tucked inside a case, each book unfolds accordion-style and destinations pop from the pages. Once fully stretched out to nearly five feet, the 3D cityscapes of San Francisco, New York, Japan and Berlin covered my kitchen counter.

Descriptions of each city’s famous sights are short and simple—about two to four sentences long—and the pop-up art that accompanies the descriptions are colorful and really do jump off the page. In these travel books for kids, the combination of text and illustration work together to convey the allure of each city. They really make you want to see it for yourself.

It was a good half-hour later before my teen’s inspection was over and she headed to her room, with one of the books tucked under her arm. Along with numerous “these are so cute,” comments, came a good handful of “oh do you remember…” remarks when she would stumble across a place we had visited together.

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Photo: Candlewick Press

The books are compact and lightweight, making them easy for little hands to hold. Their petite size also makes the books easy to throw in a carry-on and pull out when long flights run the risk of dampening enthusiasm. Though they don’t weigh much, the thicker cardboard case makes them fairly durable, another plus when traveling. Once home, the books become nice trip mementos.

Panorama Pops cities currently available include: New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Berlin, Dublin, London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Venice, Australia, Hong Kong and Macau, The Louvre, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Japan (France and Boston are coming soon). The books cost $8.99 in the US, and $10 in Canada.

photo: Candlewick Press
photo: Candlewick Press
Photo: Candlewick Press
Photo: Candlewick Press

Too big to travel, but nevertheless fun to read, Candlewick Press also offers a large hard covered book titled Pop Up: New York filled cover to cover with fun facts about the Big Apple and when Yankee Stadium pops off the page, parents and kids alike can’t help but smile.




Panorama Pops Book Bundle Giveaway

Tribe Magazine, Dana Rebman, and Candlewick Press have teamed up to to offer our lovely readers a chance to win a bundle of Panorama Pops travel books for your kids! Enter now to win the San Francisco, New York, Japan and Berlin Panorama Pops books. Give these adorable and informative books to your little ones before a big trip to get them excited to explore the cities or gift them to a child you know who has an adventurous heart or a trip coming up. As Charles Muntz from the movie Up always says, “Adventure is out there!”


6 Panorama Pops travel books featuring San Francisco, New York, Japan, and Berlin!

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