How to Earn More Money with a Yard Sale

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Many people want to make some extra money to live better. In most cases, it just stays in your imagination and you don’t even remember that you already have something in the house that you could easily turn into that extra money. Each of us has clothes, household supplies, garden tools, electronics, furniture, etc. that have long since been forgotten in the basement or garage. If you have kids who are already big, I’m sure you have plenty of equipment left. Read this quick guide below on all the things you no longer need and that are the right ones to collect, and various tips on how to sell them and simply determine the day you will arrange the sale.

Clean and Organize Everything

Spend some time organizing things. Turn whatever is not valuable and surplus in your house into merchandise for sale. Take the time to clean them with damp wipes, they are probably full of dust from standing in a garage for a long time. Especially if you’re selling children’s items, think of someone else’s kids who will use them. In order to have one viewing table, it would be a good idea to sort the same things together, where only the wardrobe goes, sort them only, etc. Potential buyers who come to browse will find it easier to find things that interest them. If you have more of the same items and you see that people are not paying attention to them, put the sign “Buy 3 and get 1 as a gift” and you may get lucky!

Price It Right and Make It Clear

It is very important that you place price labels on each of your products. Then you won’t have to answer a hundred questions a day, all the time. Also, if you are busy, customers will be able to cope without you! Write prices clearly so that there is no mistaking this. Do not put non-realistic prices, because you will never sell these goods, and again, do not give anything nearly free, find some golden middle. If this is your first time and you are not 100% sure whether the prices you envisioned are satisfactory, take the opportunity to walk through your neighborhood and see how much your neighbors value different things. You can also go online and browse the prices of used things there. When you check all this out you will have no problems. Make sure that you have a decent amount of money in your wallet as well as coins that can be used to return change. It would be a real pity to have your sales fail because you couldn’t return peoples change .

Sell Specialty Items Online

A few weeks before your garage sale in front of your home, some things that you are sure most people want and that will be easy to sell eg branded items … post to the internet. This increases your chances of selling because more people will notice them. Certainly if you are not successful or at least not as you expected you can always have a second chance at your garage sale!

Go Through Your Stuff

If you are one of those people who are not very sure about banks and prefer that your money stays in the house and always at hand this item is a must read !!! Do not allow your savings to go along with any goods. Take a good look at books, jacket pockets, jeans, vases, etc. Better safe than sorry!

Direct People With Signs

One of the most important tips is to choose the location where you will sell the goods. If you live in a busy street, put tags on to let other people know that you are selling things and give them directions on how to reach you if they are interested in buying. Make sure the inscription is large in bright colors. Do not write a lot of text, only basic so that people in the car can read it. You can also provide your address. Further, use additional aids such as arrows to keep people from straying.

Start Your Sale on Friday

Only those seasoned sales people know that Friday is the best day for garage sales. Start early between 6am and 7am. The first potential buyers could be business people who along the way drive their children to school, they are always early adopters. If it is not an overly successful sale, you can certainly continue it on the weekend when people use that free time to walk with their family. You can make refreshing lemonade or some tiny cookies for their children, the kids love it and parents will certainly not be able to refuse them.

Be Friendly

Always be kind and smiling with the customers. Answer their questions and try to convince them that the thing they are just looking at is something they must have at home. Do not feel pressured if they want to lower the price of a product, you can and do not have to accept it, it is you who makes the decision. Do not stand aside looking at a phone with earphones or reading a book. If parents with children come to you, give them a little trifle purely to please their parents. If one of your neighbors sells your old things on the same day, look to settle down near them, and most of their customers will surely come to you. Even better advice would be to team up and sell together, of course, if you’ve known each other for years.

Be Prepared for Bad Weather

Last but not least advice. Even if the forecast guarantees a nice and sunny day, it may not always be so. In most cases, they are quite unreliable. Rely on your instincts more. If the days before the scheduled garage sale is raining it would be a good idea to move the date, it is not a must that it must be just that day. Just do everything in your power. Sometimes, despite all your hard work and efforts to make everything go well in the boring rain, you will suddenly have to react quickly. Always have one large nylon tarp handy that you can use to cover your belongings.


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