How-To Save Money on Air Conditioning

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We all know how tricky summers can be, temperatures reach as high as 85 to 95 degrees and you just can’t wait for the moment to retire to your cozy home after a busy day. Thank God we have this precious air-conditioned oasis we can stumble upon. Unfortunately, this atmosphere control costs us a lot. The same situation occurs during cold winter days. By introducing some simple tricks you could save tons of money over a single season. A lot of money is wasted due to bad maintenance resulting in loss of efficiency. Here are some simple tips to help you stay comfortable in your home, and to get the most bang for your bucks with the AC you already have.


Buy a programmable thermostat

Experts around the world agree with the theory that programmable thermostats are the simplest way to save money on air conditioning. Its options are diverse. You no longer have to worry about changing the temperature when leaving the apartment, this program will do it for you. You can program it to lower the temperature before your arrival so that your home will be comfortable to stay in. A wi-fi thermostat also gives you complete control over your device from remote locations.

Use an air vent booster

Also use an air intensifier. It is simply installed over the vents and its role, as the name implies, is to draw more air into your room. Suitable for rooms with low air flow. This example can save you a lot of money as you do not need the air conditioner to work long to make the room you stay in cooler or warmer, the increased air flow gets the job done quicker.

Get an annual checkup

If you have central air, it would be a good idea to have a specialist check them at least once during the year. Its malfunction can lead to higher monthly heating and cooling consumption, which of course you would not want to happen. If you are dealing with the right professional you will surely be calm by next season. By the way, check your climate to make sure it is correct. You can say, basic maintenance can be of great benefit.

Install good insulation

A warm recommendation is to install good insulation. It is very important because it prevents your home from losing cold air during the summer season and also warm during the winter. Add it to non-air-conditioned rooms like attics, garages of course, very important cellars, etc. and thus undoubtedly increase the efficiency of your cooling and heating systems.

Now that you have cleared all doubt from your air conditioner and it works like clockwork, you might as well introduce some novelty into your habits.

Plant trees around your house

Did you know that most of the heat that comes in through the window in to our home comes directly from the sun unless you have something to protect you from the same? The only help offered in these situations is to plant deciduous and evergreen trees around your house. If your yard is still yours, you have the great advantage of choosing the type of tree to plant and where to plant it. Try to arrange them properly so they can block those persistent rays that seem to have no intention of giving up their fight.

Behavioral changes to reduce A/C cost

Keep your windows closed

Opening windows is recommended only at night when the sun goes down. It is not possible during the day. About 76 percent of the sunlight in the windows enters in the form heat and the only way to prevent undesirable heat from entering is to close the windows, draw the curtains and there are so-called transparent window films that reflect heat.

Clean the air filter

If you are really serious about saving money in your account, then with this simple maintenance check you can do it yourself.If your air conditioner filter is full of dust, and we all know that it can reduce its efficiency and lead to more energy consumption than usual, it is important that you control it frequently. Try to take your time and check the filters regularly, it is advisable to change them every 3 months.

Splash in the bath

I’m sure you know the feeling when you get wet in the apartment and the wardrobe you wear throughout the day is clinging to your body. Straight to the bathroom! Make yourself a nice bath, be sure to drink some beverage as desired and enjoy. Those who have a yard and a swimming pool, can also invite company, a good party is guaranteed.

Avoid using the stove and oven

During hot summer days, I’m sure you don’t even care about sitting by the stove for hours and making lunch. Use this great time to cook with family and friends outdoors, making barbecues, cooking in the microwave, or simply eating more refreshing salads and fruits. You can leave the cooking for the night when the temperature outside drops drastically. After storing the food, you can simply open the window and cool the room.

Quit cooling the neighborhood

Last but not least is the age of your home. You have to pay special attention to this item. In older homes, it is often the case that doors and windows do not breathe well, that your walls are worn out and that some hidden cracks may be found. You are actually heating your house and you are constantly getting an ice wave from the outside. It would not be a bad idea to hire your homeowner to have your home checked, if there is a problem, it can be successfully remedied and your home will become more energy efficient.


Air condition has revolutionized the way we live. The best ways to keep the costs down are to use your AC unit only when it is absolutely crucial. In other words, when the heat is high they are of course necessary but certainly not at all times. Do your best to make the most of every opportunity you have. There are a lot of maintenance costs you can avoid as well. Deal with problems as they occur and you will save quite a bit of money. Wear as casual a wardrobe throughout the day, completely darken all rooms, drink plenty of fluids, make the most of the night and the freshness that goes with it, and of course eat lots of ice cream!


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