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How to Start a Scrapbook Business

Congratulations, and welcome to the booming business of creative memory preservation! Starting your own business requires hard work and a firm determination to turn your hobby into a profitable business that you can do at home. Of course, starting and growing a scrapbook business or service isn’t going to be some easy, get-rich-quick scheme. Most industries take a long time to reach the desired goal. But one thing is for sure, these opportunities can offer you personal and emotional satisfaction as well as a profitable life to enjoy with your family.

Be kind and answer these few questions:

  • Are you happy with your current job?
  • Are you being challenged and fulfilled creatively?
  • Would you be doing your same job ­ even if you weren’t getting paid?
  • Are you satisfied with your income?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” then you have a lot in common with many entrepreneurs.

Many “self-made” millionaires started out with just a materialist wet dream, an idea for a life that would be better for them than the regular nine-to-five rut. But rather than chalking it up to wishful daydreaming, they took a risk and went for it. But is it really a risk? Layoffs, offshoring, and downsizing have made many believe that it’s actually riskier to work for someone else than to work for yourself. If you are creative and enjoy making simple designs, you might want to embark on this interesting scrapbook design job. Here’s how you can do it too…

Joining the Scrapbooking Industry

It’s hard to believe, but did you know that scrapbooking as we now know it, got its official start in 1980 by the Christensen family in Utah? After nearly 25 years, the industry continues to grow at an incredible rate. It’s no secret that scrapbooking is the fastest growing craft in the U.S. Whether you choose a financing option through your family, borrow from close friends, or something else, it is best to keep your start up costs to a minimum. Buy only the essentials and then continue to invest in growing your business. The big mistake is that people think they have to open a retail store right from the start. This is not true!
There are more than a dozen other ways you can make a living in this industry. Here’s an overview:

Direct Sales Consultant

Feel free to ask any successful salesperson or designer you know what their beginnings looked like, you will most likely receive identical answers, just through direct sales! There are currently more than a dozen of these “home party” companies in the scrapbook/rubber stamp world, and they’re a great way to get your foot in the door. Many are joining companies to get discounts on products, but if you are serious about being successful in your business, some companies will recognize you and this would be a great start! Don’t choose any to review their product catalog first, how professional they are in their business, etc. before making a decision.

Scrapbooking Instructor

Do you have a gift for sale and are you successful in persuading people? You can earn extra money by sharing your scrapbooking in classes, workshops etc. Although this seems to you at first ball very simple in practice and not quite so. In order for this to work, you really need to be an expert in your business in order to successfully pass on that knowledge and skills you possess. Notebooks are in most cases full of pictures and people who will listen and look at you will not get bored.

Event Organizer

Now, they hold almost every weekend cruises, conventions and much more. If you are organizing well and hosting an event to attend, this could be a profitable endeavor for you. Invite lots of friends, all relatives, you can even ask them to bring their acquaintances. As you present yourself, what you will show would be good to prepare a few days early. Encourage your listeners, get them to do something with you. Contact vendors, let them know when you are organizing your event if they are willing to sponsor T-shirts, flyers … The best part about your event might be the extra activities you can arrange to further enhance them. Anyway, who else would like to talk about business for a few hours and nothing else. The main reason for such a gathering should be primarily fun and socializing with other people.

Product Designer/Manufacturer

Only true fans and people who are dedicated to their work can design something that most people will like. You can find a lot of stories about how designers put their ideas and plans into action. One is that if you have pre-prepared exhibit materials you can rent a booth at the fair or at a local craft show. A large number of people who are true fans of handmade goods would have access to your booth. And if you’re the next success story, prepare for profits!

Scrapbooking “Expert”

You shouldn’t be surprised by the many scrapbookers competitions. Part of scrapbooking is primarily about having fun and sharing your work with others. Journals are a great source of competition. The winners are chosen by evaluating primarily the overall design, image quality, your creative techniques, general craftsmanship … Competition rewards vary but may include: a gift voucher or a pre-prepared gift package, a modest cash prize, you can even get a chance to write an article for a major sponsor website. As you can see the rewards are not prestigious but they can be a real springboard in your further work. It is always important to participate.

Multiple Submissions You are interested in more competitions and do not know exactly which one to decide or wonder if it is acceptable to submit the same work to multiple addresses … magazines want to publish your work, you will have to decide on one of them. Magazines only publish works that have not been accepted by their competitors.

Professional Scrapbook Artist

There is a great demand for people who make scrapbooks and share their passion with others. Most people pay particular attention to the look of the scrapbook itself, but they do not have the time or imagination to do what they envisioned. It’s easier for them to hire other people. This opportunity is especially appealing to mothers with young children because you organize the time yourself. If you do it to order it would be good to spend a lot of time with your client. Ask him questions, get to know him well so they can roughly create an image in your head and make a notebook exactly to their liking. Everyone today can do something similar, but if a client wants to spend a little more money then they will look for a professional. Sometimes they may be too demanding, especially if they intend to give a special someone a gift so arm yourself with patience.

Scrapbook Retailer

Between four to six years ago, opening a retail scrapbook store was a viable option for most people who wanted to get involved in the industry. This can be a very successful endeavor for many, but before embarking on such a thing, you need to think carefully before making a final decision. It takes a lot of investment for something like this and patience because it takes a long time to thoroughly explore the terrain and the competition. This may be the most expensive way to get started. You have to buy a lot of material and get yourself some supplies to get started. However, the good side is that it might be profitable for you if you bring in some experts to give you classes.

Online Retailer

If you are distant from the city and this constant journey to it is very tiring, selling goods online is a great option for you. This gives you the opportunity to open a smaller store directly in your garage. In order for people to order goods often, you must be careful to be as professional as your competitors. Start by briefly writing some information about you as well as why you started doing this business. This will help your site look more professional than others. Write to them about your successes so far and make a small addition where they may ask you questions that interest them.

Make it Legal

When starting a business, you must also comply with the laws that you must follow if you do not want to have problems. Keep records daily and keep it in one place if you need not to waste time looking for them. Especially the IRS will expect you to report all income and expenses on a regular basis. If you have not had the experience so far, it would not be a bad idea to have a good accountant at the beginning. He would certainly give you good tips on how to make the right schedule. Cardboard, business papers and other equipment are a much more expensive option. You better think about buying a computer, printer, etc., but beware because the amount of business equipment in your home is limited. Another important thing is the area where you live. Some are more fortunate and regulations regarding home businesses are minimal, while some are much stricter. Go to the district court there to get all the necessary information about what city and state laws you have to comply with.

Divide Your Customer Base and Develop an Advertising Strategy

A key component to success in this business is creativity. Make something new and different that most will like. Here are some examples:

  1. Make newlyweds wedding invitations. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Make a small photo album for parents who have just received a baby so that their first memories are recorded exactly in your scrapbooking.
  3. Further you have great adventurers who travel quite often and they wish to visit the whole world, and you have the opportunity to help them record interesting journeys in your scrapbook.
  4. Of course, we must not forget the dear grandparents who, every time they see us, open photo albums and tell us a well-known story. Make something just for them that they will be able to leave their grandchildren in amanet.
    Choose what you like best so you know exactly where the ideal spots are for your ad. If you want to focus on the notebook for parents you can post ads near kindergartens, playgrounds where mothers spend the most time with their children, for adventurers you can post ads near travel agencies and for grandparents, for example, near markets, supermarkets, post offices and more of the places that first come to mind.


Regardless of which area, of these, choose to always keep in mind the talent and special skills are a must in this business. Attend workshops and classes to hone your skills and learn the latest trends, this includes attending trade shows. Scrapbooking is an extremely fun job of helping other people capture moments that have made an incredible impression on them, and through it they will, in a few years when they open it, relive those same memories. And making money is just the cherry on top of the cake. All you need to do is to be open to new ideas and ready to learn what others have to offer. Starting your own business is a very interesting endeavor. Something you do with your own hands will be appreciated by others, which is your biggest reward. Of course you work for money too, but the feeling that you have done something and made many people happy is indescribable. If in doubt, now is the right time to say to yourself, “I can do it, I know it and from today I will change something in my life, from today I will work solely for myself and my family.” You can do it!


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