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I am Sarah and I live in the beautiful town of Gainsville, Florida.

And I am responsible for the frugal living part here. I hate wasting everything, and one thing I especially hate is wasting money. One of my typical catchphrases is “money you spend, is money you no longer have”. I chose my expenses very wisely and always try to be cost conscious. Money is just a safety-net which I prefer having over the newest iPhone, the fanciest clothes or similar.

That doesn’t mean that I am not spending at all, I am just very selective about the value of things. I always try to justify my expenses. Do I want to spend this 50dollar on a shirt, do I rather want to save it up for vacation, or do I want to save it up for retirement? What is the decision that has the most value for me.

I tried lots of things over the past years, and all the articles you find below I am either currently actively pursuing, or did at some point in the past. This section will be expended, so stay tuned for new updates.

If one of your financial goals for 2020 is to be more frugal, there will be some good reads for you.


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