7 Ways Moms Rock

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moms rock

You know what? Motherhood is hard. Like super hard. It is a battlefield of constant self-doubt, fraught with judgement from ourselves and others, daily fails, and constant exhaustion.

We know this, and yet we are still so very hard on ourselves. Just this morning I yelled at my son because he was making that awful whining noise that seems to be inspired by the word “no”. I’d been awake on and off with my daughter from 3:11 AM (yep, that precise because it sucked) and I couldn’t stand the noise, so I yelled. I made him cry, and then I spent the next hour wondering who had made the terrible mistake of deeming me fit to parent?

It’s not all doom and gloom, but when it is, here are 7 things I want you to remember that mean YOU ROCK as a mama:

1.) You got up today.

Yes, you did! It might have been at a relatively pleasant hour like 7 AM, or it could have been during a time when only vampires should be up, but you did it. For that, you rock.

2.) You grew that human and you’re keeping it alive.

NEVER forget how impressive that is. You actually grew that human being with your body and now you are keeping it alive on a day-to-day basis, despite the constant attempts to throw themselves off furniture and poison themselves with cleaning fluid. For that, you rock.

3.) You fed the child.

It doesn’t matter whether it was with a McDonald’s drive-thru or a home-cooked, nutritionally packed feast for one. There is no hunger in your child’s belly right now — you fed that child despite being exhausted and having a mountain of other stuff to do. For that, you rock.

4.) You didn’t lose it.

You didn’t lose it when your kid threw his toy at you or smacked the cereal bowl out of your hand because it was the wrong bowl. Sure, you might have yelled or cussed him out under your breath, but if he’s still in one piece, you rock.

5.) You averted a major crisis.

Like their favourite TV programme ending or something even more disastrous like the wrong flavour of juice passing their tiny lips. Your whole world shifts as a mother so that something so small, so unimportant, becomes a major crisis and you have to preempt it to avoid a full out meltdown. For that, you rock.

6.) You got dressed… or not.

Or you got someone dressed, which makes you pretty awesome. Or maybe you rocked it out in pjs all day or your kids ran around the garden naked like mini nudists. You know what that says? You aren’t afraid to have fun and relax. Dressed, naked, or still in yesterdays pjs, you rock.

7.) You made it to bedtime.

It’s a bit like a game of monopoly but you get to collect wine as you pass “Go”. Making it to bedtime can be the only thing you can focus on some days, and that is totally OK.

Think about all the good things you did today, mama. No matter how inane they might seem to you, they are the foundations of your child’s very existence and because of that, you rock.


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