9 Disney Songs That Teach Valuable Life Lessons

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Disney Songs that teach a lesson of life like Mickey Mouse song for fun-filled entertainment

Who doesn’t love a good Disney song? They are known for being catchy, inspiring, and just plain fun. Even adults enjoy singing them. My very own husband has been caught belting out a Frozen tune, and he wasn’t even embarrassed about it. Some of Disney’s songs are fun (think Hakuna Matata), some are creepy (Jack’s Lament from the Nightmare Before Christmas, anyone?), but some go farther than just a nice tune. Some songs teach valuable lessons our kids should really pay attention to. There are many, but I’ve selected nine of my favorites.

 1. Out There, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

A favorite, this song teaches to be grateful for the blessings in your life. The song comes from the Hunchback’s own pipes. He belts out a touching ballad of what it would be like to spend just one day in the world Out There, a world that has always been denied to him because of his physical deformities. He talks of how the people have no idea ‘the gift it is to be them’. This song of longing demonstrates that you always have it better than someone else, so count your blessings.


2. Reflection, Mulan

A short but sweet number that speaks to the depths of the human condition…who am I? Why must I pretend to be something I’m not? Society has always and will likely forever have us question who we are as individuals and where we fit in to society as a whole. What our kids should be doing is figuring out how they can stand out.

3. Stand Out, A Goofy Movie

Disney songs about determination  - Stand out song by a Goofy Movie

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And here we have the song that embraces the spark in all of us. Stand out. Dare to be brave, be different, and reach for greatness. That greatness can be anything you want it to be. Don’t let others define it for you or keep you down. Shine.

4. Dig a little Deeper, The Princess and the Frog

Figuring out what is truly important in life is as fun as singing and dancing in the bayou. The lucky amongst us know what they want to be from a very young age. They know what they want to do with their lives, as Tiana does. Bully for them. It takes the rest of us a bit longer to figure out. But what you want to be can be very different from what is important in life. Figuring out the difference is an exciting journey. Enjoy the trip!

5. Something There, Beauty and the Beast

Another incredible lesson. Looking inside of someone and finding there is something there you may not have seen. Give people a chance; get to know them and they might surprise you. Don’t judge people at a glance, don’t grow hate in your heart, grow kindness. Try to understand them. There is goodness in most people; you might have to give them a little more time to show their good side. But when you find it, it’s worth it, as Belle discovered.


6. When You Wish Upon a Star, Pinocchio


Ah, wishes and dreams. They’re the best, aren’t they? What more could we want for our children than to follow their dreams and believe in a little wish? Just a little bit of magic. What better lesson is there? This song is so great it became the theme song for Walt Disney.

7. Let It Go, Frozen

Best Song Ever. Who doesn’t feel a weight lifted off their shoulders every time they hear this song? LET IT GO! It can apply to so many things in the lives of our children but the most important is don’t let others control you. Don’t let fear control you, or you won’t have much of a life at all.

8. A Whole New World, Aladdin

I used to sing this one in the shower when I was little. How I loved the idea of experiencing a whole new world for the first time. Opening your eyes and your mind to people, places, and cultures that are different than your own. Following your heart to new horizons and new adventures.

9. Go the Distance, Hercules

You don’t have to read between the lyrics of this song to understand the meaning. When you feel lost, or you don’t belong, it may take time to find yourself or to find your people, but if you don’t give up, a welcome is waiting. Hard work and determination will see you through until you find that special place or even greater, find the place within yourself.



Go play a few of these ditties with your kiddos and dance around the house to these life lessons. Pandora has a ‘Disney’ station. See if these songs inspire your little ones.


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