Ten Great Reasons to Make a Photo Book

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If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to find gifts for people. Like seriously, birthdays are great, holidays are awesome, all kinds of celebrations are all kinds of fun, but do we have to give presents every time we get together? I am always running out of ideas, especially for those people in my life who already have it all.

Wouldn’t you love to have a gift that you could just keep giving over and over again? Like, you know, bathroom air freshener – something that your Aunt Matilda always needs more of. Only, bathroom air fresheners are a really lame gift. So how about this year you give her photos instead?

That’s right, photos – something that, if you’re a mom, you already have a ga-zillion of. But just maybe, your Aunt Matilda does not.

All joking aside, I love the idea of giving personal photo keepsakes as gifts to my friends and family. With three little children who are quickly turning into big children, I have no lack of photos. The cute things that they do, the fun places they go, and the special people they cuddle with all need documented by a snapshot, right? But then that picture gets filed away into oblivion on my phone or computer, never to be seen again. Or maybe it hides in some corner of my Instagram, where I might see it again but great Aunt Matilda certainly won’t.

What about using those photos for gifts? Seriously, there is NO END of options and ways to do this. Maybe the first thing that comes to mind is creating a lovely photo book. You can choose from literally hundreds of themes, and create books for any occasion. What a great gift!

  1. Create a “Year in the Life of Your Family” book for a Christmas gift. Gather photos from highlights throughout the year.
  2. Create a “What We Love About Mom” book for Mother’s Day, full of photos with kids and mom together.
  3. Create a photo book that memorializes a loved one who recently passed away.
  4. Create a baby brag book for Grandma after a new little one is added to the family.
  5. Take photos of your child’s artwork and immortalize it in a book of “Johnny’s Drawings”.
  6. Let your child write a story, then take photos to illustrate it and turn it into a book.
  7. Tell the story of your family vacation, from your kids’ point of view.
  8. Tell the story of your romance, starting with photos from your first date and finishing with your wedding.
  9. Make a Halloween book with those cute costume pictures from all the years since your little one was born.
  10. Collaborate with long-distance family members to make a book together. This is especially easy with the website Mixbook, where different users can log in and edit the same book. So you add your baby’s photos, your sister adds her baby’s photos, and Grandma gets a book full of all the grandbabies!

The ideas are endless. You can make a new photo book every year, or even a few times a year, and never repeat a theme!

So if you’re dreading the holiday shopping, or trying to think of a special birthday gift, don’t forget to consider a photo book!



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