How To Infuse Calm Moments Into Your Busy Day, Mama

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infuse calm moments into your busy day

Perpetual busyness, stress-filled lives, back-to-back activities seems to be the norm of the modern mom.

As a Mindful Mama Coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of mamas and they all have one remarkable thing in common. Each and every one of them has heard this deep inner voice that says “There has to be a better way to raise children without the constant distraction, stress, worrying and yelling.”

And they are right.

Because I know I’ve heard that deep nagging voice inside me the moment I completely lose my cool and then realized, “OMG, how the heck did I become short-tempered like my own mother?! There’s gotta be a better way!”

And I’m pretty sure you’ve felt that way, too.

But each mom also has another uncanny similarity.

They all ask “Can mindfulness really help me be a more peaceful mama?”

When we go on vacation or spend some time in nature, we notice how we return replenished and re-charged. But unfortunately, we get back into the normal grind and the feeling doesn’t last. And that kind of break isn’t a normal part of our schedule.

So what can we do on a daily basis that will help us feel rejuvenated?

It’s been my mission to teach mamas how to effortlessly infuse calming activities throughout their day, to create quick “peaceful pauses”. These resets slow down our mind and create space for us to feel centered.

These “RESETS” are essential and optimal for mamas because they interrupt our distracted mind  so we can pay attention to our children from a more calm and compassionate space.

To create a RESET you use a task you are already doing to create a moment to pause, get present and feel peaceful.

The best part is, they only take 1 minute or less.

Here is how you can start infusing “PEACEFUL RESETS” today:

Step 1: Pick one task that you do every single day.

For example my favorite one is brushing my teeth in the morning. Another great one is driving your car or when you pick up your phone first thing in the morning. Once you pick one activity, you do daily, that you want to do more mindfully, move on to step 2.

Step 2: Anchor a breathing technique to that activity.

For one minute when you do this activity, you are doing to do slow deep breathing where you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Step 3: Put up a Reminder Post-it

Now that you picked a task and know the breathing tool we are going to practice, we need something to help remind us to practice.

Here is the thing. The tools aren’t hard, but remembering to practice these mindfulness technique is the challenge.

I love putting up post-its to help me remember. Help yourself out by placing a post-it that says “BREATHE DEEP”. For example, I have a post it on my bathroom window to remind me to breathe while brushing my teeth.

By doing this practice daily, over time, when you do the activity you will automatically start breathing deeply. (It’s kinda like Pavlov’s dog and ringing the bell).


There you have it! The three simple steps to effortlessly infusing mindfulness into your everyday life. Start with one peaceful pause and as it gets more automatic you can pick another activity and link the breath to it.

Remember, in order to raise peaceful children we have to create a peaceful home. This all begins when you feel peaceful first. So bring peace into your life day to day, hour to hour and moment to moment. You deserve it, mama!

About the Author

Tejal V Patel, is the founder of online training program, The Mindful Mama Experience, host of RESET- The FREE 5 Day Mindfulness Experience and contributing author to 20 Beautiful Women.  She teaches mindfulness and Kundalini meditation to mamas and kids ages 3-9.  For practical mindfulness tips + in-the-moment tools + kid-friendly techniques check out Grab her free Mod-Zen Mama Starter Kit and take the first step toward creating a more peaceful family + more peaceful YOU.

You can connect with Tejal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and stay inspired with tips to become a more present, patient and peaceful mama.



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