A Letter To My Son On His First Birthday

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A Letter To My Son On His First Birthday:

Dear G,

From the moment I learned I was pregnant, I knew you were a boy. Of course it was based on zero science, and all gut, but still, I just knew — mothers have magical instincts, you know.

Coming from a family of all girls, this excited and terrified me all in one magical cyclone of thought. I didn’t know the first thing about boys, let alone trying to raise one. My-oh-my how things have changed in one short year.

I should have known from your delivery that you were going to be Mr. Easy-Going. Your father and I were relaxed. As far as birthing goes, yours was simple! Less than 2 hours at the hospital and I was already holding you in my arms — chubby and handsome and calm, you hooked me from the start.

Before you arrived, sweet boy, your dazzling big sis had painted our world with pink and lace and baby dolls and gentleness.

You brought the blue.

You brought the trucks and the balls, the rough-and-tumble, the sturdy and the brave, the hungry and the messy — all things I had somewhat expected from a boy.

But you also surprised me with your sweet and your cuddle and your charm. You, my son, are a natural-born charmer.

Already your personality is the perfect balance of key traits that will take you far in life.

You are strong but gentle. Independent but warm. Brave but smart. Friendly but respectful.

And above all, you’re happy. The happiest. There are very few moments throughout our days when you’re not smiling, G — a radiating light that will illuminate whatever path you choose; this life is yours ready for molding.

You are my first boy and my last baby – a special combination that leaves me learning and reminiscing at the same time.

You light up the darkest of rooms and all of our hearts with your smile and demeanor – the last perfect piece to our kindred puzzle, my precious baby boy.

And now our world is an enchanted mix of pink and blue and love and laughter, and his and hers and togetherness and sharing, and caring and mischief, and kisses, and tackles, and hugs. A beautiful family portrait I once only witnessed behind closed eyelids, in my dreams. Now here it is, in living, messy, beautiful swirling color — a spectacular permanence.

Thank you for bringing the blue and changing me forever, G.  You’re everything.




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