Puzzle Pieces

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my boys heros

My little boy, Hank, has three heroes: his three big brothers. When they are with us, they throw balls with him and dive onto pillow piles and build endless towers to knock down. They make him laugh like neither their daddy or I ever can. He idolizes them; he wants to be just like them.

There is an electric charge in the air on the days when daddy arrives with Hank’s three big brothers in tow. He can sense when they are coming, and he can hardly contain his excitement. The door barely clicks open and he is running to the top of the stairs, squealing; racing to get to them.

His puzzle is complete on the days we have the boys; all the pieces of our family are in place and his world looks as it should.

But three days later the puzzle falls apart; three major pieces of it suddenly go missing, and he has to try to make sense of it in a one-and-a-half year-old brain which knows nothing of parenting plans or shared custody. Nothing of divorce, or of real mamas and step-mamas. I am sure he thinks I am his brothers’ mama too—why wouldn’t I be?

“We”—our six-pack—is all he has ever known. I do not look forward to the day I have to explain things like divorce to my precious boy. Explain why his brothers have another mama; how it’s not me. Why they have another home, too, on the other side of town, or why he will go to a different school than they do.

I don’t know how to explain why some mamas and daddies don’t speak to each other, even though they share the same children.

And most of all, I worry about explaining why his big brothers have to leave us for half of every week. Because before he can truly understand, he won’t understand, and I know there will be tears.

I don’t want him to be heartbroken half of every week, his best friends in the world lost to him again. I know it is coming. I can already see the gears turning in that precious little head, wondering; the start of the dissonance.

Lately on the days without his brothers around, his little lip trembles when he sees their pictures. He runs into their rooms, just to check.

We will see them soon, sweetheart, I tell him, soon.

Hank’s big brothers have huge hearts buried under their tough exteriors. They play and wrestle and high-five and cuddle and pick up and carry and comfort their little brother. I know they miss him, too, when they are away.

They don’t treat him any differently because I am not their mama, too. They love him just like they love each other, even though they don’t say it.

Hank has no place in one of their two worlds, but they live for him in our world. They amaze me every day with their maturity and compassion. Their resilience as they bounce between lives; their acceptance of their new family.

When daddy loads them up to take them back to their mama’s house, Hank stands in the doorway waving his special wave. He opens and closes his little fist to each of them, saying I Love You, even though the words don’t come out yet.

His big brothers answer him with the same wave, their code, their secret send-off. The words don’t come out of their mouths, either.

But they don’t have to. He knows.

About the Author

Erika Wilson is blessed to live on a Montana farm with her husband and four boys. She is mama to the littlest one, and step-mama to his three big brothers. Coffee-fueled building manager by day, writer by night; she loves sharing her adventures being outnumbered 5 to 1 in her home. You can find her mama-tales at her blog The Tired Mama Project or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.


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1 thought on “Puzzle Pieces”

  1. Oh my dearest DIL, this brought tears to my eyes that I never thought would stop.. It breaks my heart that All of the boys share in the loss.. as their grandma I love them to pieces each in their own way.. as individuals.. but the same as family.. we all share a blood bond.. that is stronger than any words on a paper signed by whomever.. I love you so much for being who you are to Bill and to the boys.. you are filled with so much love and acceptance.. not just for them.. but for “us” too..
    The love that the “brothers” share will only continue to grow and grow.. the “boys” are so much of Bill that it can’t be any other way.. They are so resilient.. but yet carry a heavy burden they shouldn’t have to bear.. you and Bill are their solid world.. the other world is a slippery slope most days..
    Never give up hope on what the future may hold for all of yous.. I thank you from the bottom of my heart that Bill found you.. and that you were willing to take the challenge head on!! Your loving MIL


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