Recipe Roundup: 6 Appetizers for Fall

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Appetizers for Fall

Let’s face it, it’s appetizer season which is amazing and daunting all at the same time. With the endless Sunday football parties, dinner potlucks, and holiday get-togethers, it’s tough to keep thinking up new and ingenious appetizer recipes that everyone is sure to love. It’s all too common that we hear this dialogue: “What should I bring?” “Oh, just bring an app.” It’s easy to feel frantic deciding on what to bring. Crazy thoughts are sure to start running through your head: Will they like it? Are there vegetarians coming? Do I have enough time to go to the store and get 20 ingredients for one dish? Are there people allergic to gluten? What does that even mean? And then you start turning on your best friend, the hostess: It’s her party, she should make the food.  Is it too hard to ask a party-goer to only bring a smile and their loveable, yet intriguing personality? I think not. And then you decide to pack it in for the night, order a pizza, and tell your cat about your day instead of having an awesome time socializing with real humans.

But then again, it’s appetizer season! The appetizers are probably the best feature of attending any party, period. It’s hard not to fill up on those delicious dips and stuff ones face with bite-sized snackerdoodles. In fact, it’s nearly Kim Possible, but so totally worth it. When the tables have turned, how amazing is it to have others bring the food for you, so you can focus on the main course, or just looking damn good in your newly purchased outfit?

Either way, it’s appetizer season so get excited and let us inspire your inner chef with a collection of delicious little nom-noms that are sure to please the taste buds of all your…buds.

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