13 tips for easier travel with small children

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This week I am guest posting at the traveling website Bootsnall with 13 tips for easier travel with small children. The title says it all, so please check my post there.

Vacation to who?

My daughter doesn´t have kindergarten for the next two months. It´s been pretty intense to organize some time to work.

This is when I REALLY miss my home in Brazil and my friends there where I have enough intimacy to ask anytime for someone to watch Luísa for me. I think that for the next two months I´ll be missing my home a lot.

One of the single mom friends I bonded the most is now traveling and I don´t feel much comfortable to have people watch Luísa for anything that isn´t work related. So, I´m a bit burned out I have to say. Poor Luísa, is sweet and all, but I often look for the switch off button and I can´t find it.

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