A traveling anecdote (Life is good)

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A few days before coming back to Puerto Viejo from our surf trip to Santa Teresa, I went to the ATM and withdrew 200 bucks. After that, I went to have lunch with Luísa and then to the grocery store.

When we arrived at our camping and I looked for my wallet to pay for our stay. It was gone. No 200 bucks, no bank card, nada. I was left with the few bananas and avocados I bought at the grocery store (I was so cheap, I spent only 2 dollars before losing the 200).

As I had just published a post about safety and how if something bad happens you just have to deal with it, I simply dealt with it. I asked Nico, our host, surf student and current family memeber in the place to lend me some money to get back to Puerto Viejo the next day.

Then we went to watch our last sunset on the ocean for the time being. On the way, we met a woman who started playing with Luísa.

We appreciated the sunset and there were other friends of our new found friend next to us. Two of them started to take pictures of Luísa. Not before asking for it and having Luísa engage by first taking pictures of the people herself. Luísa usually doesn´t let anyone take pictures of her, so we were definitely having a good time with these people.

By the time we had to leave, one of them asked for my email to send the pictures (they never send the pictures later, as this one didn´t either) and as I spelled my full name, the woman couldn´t believe it.

I asked: ¨What is it? Did you guys read my blog?¨

¨No, it´s more interesting than that.¨

As it turned out, the guy sitting at the end of our log, the one I haven’t even looked at yet, had found my wallet. He was nervous that he couldn´t find the owner of that wallet. He said that was the only upsetting thing about his day. They looked me up on Face Book and sent me a message (which I never received) and that´s why the woman recognized my name (thanks to my bank card on the wallet).

This article was originally posted on Tripping Mom by Marilia Di Cesare on February 2, 2012. Republished with authorization. Click here for all other posts.


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