Good bye Costa Rica, Hello Brazil

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It´s sad to leave a place I lived for one year and a half. I had time to root down, make friends (or I wouldn´t have lasted so long), have been to amazing beautiful places, lived in cool houses in the jungle and watched the wild life every day.

I was scared to go back to Brazil at first. Go back to where? To when? For a while, I repelled the idea of going back at all, I wanted to move forward. I got a refund of my return ticket, promised myself I´ll never buy a round trip ticket again and I stayed longer, or indefinitely.

Then, I started to feel saudades (this Portuguese word has no translation, but it means to miss some one or some place). First it was the people. It´s always the people.

Then the waves, or my surfing freedom there to go to the surf spot by public transportation, bike or walking (while here, my favorite spot requires a car ride). There, I go to the beach where I have my surfboard, the dolphins, the white sand and the green cliff waiting for me.

And my own house, where I´m eager to grow my own food now. This new wish to plant, started recently, probably after reading Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars Series besides meeting some cool organic-living people and seeing how the kids in kindergarten are so into planting seeds.

But I´m pretty scared of the new change. I´m not happy to leave the friends I made here behind. I´m not happy to leave the wonderful Waldorf kindergarten I so much trust my daughter to be in.

Good friends at breathtaking spots.

I feel bad that I´m taking my daughter away from her perfect routine, and great little girl-friends as well.

One of our exists of Costa Rica, to Bocas del Toro, in Panama.

One of my goals in making this trip abroad while she was little was that she learned another language, and she did, she is fluent in Spanish and speaks English too. It will be my task to keep this up. The English will be sort of easy because one of my best friends in Brazil is Scotish and the Spanish I plan on having a native Spanish speaker to hang out with Luísa once a week at least. Plus the films that she watches which are only in English or Spanish (although she hasn´t watched anything for months and I like it this way too).

I´ll miss a lot of what we have here: the bike rides, the farmer´s market, our volunteer work every Saturday where I served soup to part of the indigenous community with Luísa along with me at The Bridge, our swims in the crystal water of the Caribbean sea, the house in the jungle where nature is noisier at night than in the daytime and all the wildlife that is so abundant here, we got used to watching howler monkeys, sloths, green and red frogs, toucans and all the much more we would go and visit at the Jaguar Rescue Center (which locals don´t pay to get in).

I was often with more than one kid in my bike. After school, we always went for coconut water.



Luísa is very gentle with the butterflies and bugs in general. My longboard is in the background.


A sloth with a baby, in front of our kitchen table.

One of these days, I told Luísa: ¨I know I´ve been telling you that when we go to Brazil, we are not coming back here, but we might come back. We usually go to places where we have friends, and we have many here¨.

¨Mommy, can we stay here, please?¨

Luísa´s 4th birthday party last year. This is freedom.


Luísa and a Bri-Bri girl at the place we volunteered every Saturday for one year. Good times!

But, I have been focusing myself more on the good things to come: a few weekends here and there when I´ll drop off Luísa at her unconventional grandmother (a luxury, we haven´t had in 5 years), seeing my family and friends, surfing more often and growing my own vegetable´s garden.

And since our house-mates left to Italy, 2 weeks ago, Luísa has been asking me often when do we leave. We are ready. We leave in one week.

This article was originally posted on Tripping Mom by Marilia Di Cesare on May 29, 2012. Republished with authorization. Click here for all other posts.


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