Alone with a young child, and I party every day

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I heard live music here in Costa Rica for the second time after one month of traveling. I went for a bike ride in the afternoon with Luisa and when we were about to come back home, we stopped the bike looking at this place called The Lazy Moon and I asked her: ¨Do you want to stop at this place with music and children?¨ She said yes.

There was a birthday going on. A barbecue with family and friends. Lots of natives and gringos (I mean it in Portuguese, which means a foreigner, I´m a gringa in this context too) in a bar in front of the beach, by sunset.

I met two women, while Luísa went on to play with some little girls. One of the women was a surfer and invited me to surf the next day if it didn´t rain (it did).

Luísa was hungry and instead of just leaving the place, I decided to ask for food for Luísa, I mean, come on, you can´t make a child leave a party to get food somewhere else, when there is barbecue going on, right?

Luísa got herself a fish-taco, while I sipped a cuba-libre. Sometimes I get a bit judgmental about people having to drink at social meetings. The world drinks alcohol mechanically, quitting alcoholism must be the hardest thing ever. Drinking doesn´t make anyone feel better, but what the hell, I thought, let me have a drink too, it´s legal.

I wondered what anyone noticing us would think, this mother drinking while her child played around only God knows where.

I was happy to be out and about with my precious daughter. We both made friends our ages and although nobody else danced, we did.

Dancing with your child can be the best excuse to dance after all. It´s like I have to do it, otherwise she will think all the world is that boring, so usually I don´t mind playing a fool of myself while dancing with her anywhere where the music is good (it can be in a supermarket too – and it usually is).

We party everyday anyway

The official party setting: loud music, more people and booze is not always available in a single-parent life. To be honest, it´s pretty much non-existent in my life.

This is far from keeping me from partying though. I make our daily life a full on party. We are always looking our bests by living healthy and being active outdoors and we are always meeting new people. Don´t you consider that to party?

We dance on a regular basis, even if it´s just at home, we laugh and make fools of each other and most of all, we enjoy each other´s company to the fullest, like if there was no tomorrow . Not just because it´s such a cool philosophy to live by, but because children feel like that for real and if you are living alone with one, you get positively affected.

So since you read this far, I´d like to invite you to a party. It´s right here and right now (or maybe after you are off of work – if we can call reading someone´s blog work…).

Just make sure you do something really nice with your time and that you have fun with it, with music in the background. Pretty simple, isn´t?


This article was originally posted on Tripping Mom by Marilia Di Cesare on March 24, 2011. Republished with authorization. Click here for all other posts.


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