I´m brave indeed but scared to hell too

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As I jumped into this little adventure of living abroad with my three year old by myself, I get lots of people praising my courage. I feel rather uncomfortable with this common assumption that what I´m doing is so brave.

I mean, come on, let´s face it. It´s only for 7 months (originally). I have the money to do it. I have the youth to do it. My daughter is so young that even if I was into strict schooling she wouldn´t be missing anything.

I´m not experiencing much cultural differences, and hey, I´m in some sort of paradise where most people only dream of going (or work a full year to spend a week in). So what´s so brave about it?

Yet, I get full of fears too. When we are about to jump into totally new experiences, fear is a natural thing to feel. Like Karol said recently,¨fear of extraordinary experiences will never cease¨.

Here is a little list of what goes on in my mind:

Fear of not making friends

Fear of getting robbed

Fear of making the wrong choice to my little one

Fear of not having time to work and exercise

Fear of change

Fear of spending extra too much money

Fear of getting injured physically and then end up in some real shit (the only real problem in life is about our health)

I could go on, but let´s stop here.

On the other hand, do you know what I do? I send all these fears to hell. I tell my fears: ¨You won´t stop me from having remarkable experiences. You won´t stop me from proving you are wrong¨.

And if you guessed that in this battle against my fears I´m winning, you are right.

To all the fears that come to my mind, I make myself think differently:

I´ll make new friends

I´ll be safe

I´m doing the best for my girl

I´ll find time to work and surf, everything will work out

I´ll embrace uncertainty

I´ll keep in the budget

I´ll keep healthy and ready to do anything that comes my way.

But I don´t stick to a simple positive thinking. I take action to make the good things happen. I go for it. I make it happen. I throw myself out there and face my fears. Full on.

How about you, how do you manage your fears?

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This article was originally posted on Tripping Mom by Marilia Di Cesare on February 7, 2011. Republished with authorization. Click here for all other posts.


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