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I met Lisa when I started blogging, over one year ago. We think alike in terms of the need of pursuing our dreams to model that for our children. There´s no other way, our kids have to see us reaching our dreams to be inspired to do so.

Lisa is a single mom of two, she came out of her divorce with the idea of making a business online to empower moms. And she is doing so, in so many ways, through her free content and through her paid products in her site Visionary Mom.

I was in two Visionary Mom Teams, so you can guess that I really liked those and recommend whole-heartedly. It´s a space for moms to connect, discover what their dreams are, if they don´t know, and find support to go for them, make it happen. It´s hard to imagine how being on a team can benefit you until you actually see the power shared in that space .

Lisa is making a difference in the world of so many women. Now let´s learn a bit more about herself.

You are creating so much in your life. Can you talk a bit of all the things you do? What are the dreams that you are pursuing?

Lisa: Well, I always have new, fun things I’m working on at Visionary Mom… right now, I just started The Visionary Living Experiment, designed to help moms live big, bold lives, have a little more fun and make some of those big dreams happen.  I’m also going to start focusing more on coaching moms as they start their own businesses.  I think that going from a great idea to actually working for yourself and making money is tricky to do as a mom, and since I have been doing that for the past few years, I want to share all the stuff I’ve learned along the way. I also go to school full time.  I’m an art major, planning to teach art when I’m done.  I love, love the creative process and look forward to helping young people tap into that within themselves. THEN!  I am a single mama to two little ones.  So, yes, my plate is full.

Can you talk a bit about how you started the Visionary Mom website? What was going on in your life before that? 

Lisa: Well, my husband at the time and I were planning on moving into an RV and traveling full time.  I have had all kinds of small businesses (catering, wedding planning, green events, etc) and was looking for something that would be portable AND fulfilling.  I used to be a professional coach, and had missed doing that kind of work with people.   So, I started looking at the idea of coaching again.  One day while brainstorming, I wrote Visionary Mom… and thought YES!  That’s it!  I want to help moms tap into their own big dreams and support them to make those dreams a reality.

How did you come up with The Visionary Mom Teams idea 

Lisa: The teams idea came about because I really, really love working with small groups.  I like it when everyone can really get to know each other.  There is just something magical that happens when people can come together and collectively work on big goals, more seems to get done and the inspiration and encouragement you get is magnified.

Were you making money in any other way? Do still keep any other financial activity? 

Lisa: Nope.  My income all comes from my business.  I do get some financial aid, which helps.  But more and more I seem to spend that money on art supplies!

Do you have financial help to raise your kids? Can you make enough money from your business to feel taken care by yourself already? 

Lisa: I do get some child support from my ex, but all that money goes towards my daughters school tuition, so I support myself and my kids on my own.

How has working with so many moms changed your life? What did you expect before you started and what have actually happened? 

Lisa: I get so inspired by the moms I work with.  They help me to keep working on my own dreams and goals SO MUCH!  Seriously.  I can be having a crummy day and then I will get on a call with a mom and everything shifts.  I get inspired and back in touch with my own visionary thinking.  It’s very powerful.  I love that I get so much out of the work I do, but that it also helps so many other women to get connected to their own power and passion.

Was there a time in your life when you were trapped by guilt, by blaming taking care of the kids as the reason for not doing more? If yes, how did you get out of that state or what do you suggest to moms that feel trapped?

Lisa: Uh, all the time!!  I think we all feel like we aren’t doing enough, or that we should be doing more.  Especially as a mom.  I want my kids to be happy and turn out and worry about failing them.  The thing that really helps me is to remember that when I work on my dreams, I teach them to do the same.  When I am alive and inspired by life, that impacts their view of the world.  It is easy to let go of the guilt when I think about it this way.  I also pay attention to my kids, I watch them and they are AMAZING.  They are happy and creative and so full of love.  They are just fine and “more time” is not what they need.  They just need to feel loved and taken care of.  They need the freedom to just be who they are.  They have that.  And, I think they get MORE of that from me, because they see me being happy and being who I am!   Living big is contagious.

Thank you Lisa, you are one inspiring mama! 

This article was originally posted on Tripping Mom by Marilia Di Cesare on October 18, 2011. Republished with authorization. Click here for all other posts.


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