One year blogging, and why I keep doing it

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Trippping Mom turned one year back in August. I started this blog with two aims in mind: to spread an inspiring message to other moms out there needing it and to eventually monetize the thing.

I only started reading blogs a bit over one year ago and I immediately wanted to start my own. The idea of being part and build a community of likeminded people was too good to not do it. Trying an online business was also appealing to me. Now, the money part, hum, well, it just didn´t happen yet and I don´t know if it ever will.

Even without the making money on the sight (I´m not making any actual business plan, so can´t really complain), I´m still into it. I discovered that the blog is a great tool for self growth. All the ideas I put down to it, all the reflection about my parenting, it all makes me improve and spread my inspirational message at the same time.

I also want to be part of a bigger movement to change the world education, which I believe is through treating children with way more respect then we have been doing. I´m learning this myself and I like to write about it because it can encourage other parent´s to work on improving and changing their old ways as much as I try to do.

A regular journal could do the trick, the self growth analysis. But I think some topics are important to discuss publicly, like quitting violence at home. It still blows my mind that after reading so much about mindful parenting, I still yell at my precious daughter and I ´m still often rough in the privacy of our home. And though I still do it, I think I do it less and less. I sometimes catch myself in the heat of the moment and can stop before acting ugly and it´s all thanks to my blogging journey that makes me reflect over and over, observe my own actions all the time, discuss the nasty parenting behaviors and find solutions.

Through having started this blog, I got to make wonderful connections, like the women I met in my Visionary Mom teams or a group of travel families. To all my parenting questions, I found the most support and the most helpful advice online. While I love my real life friends and family, I´m afraid their parenting wisdom is too conventional, to mainstream, to attached to old traditional values. The online community, on the other hand, is full of mindful advice, of unschooling folks, of people questioning the parenting status quo and sharing their experiences.

I´m so thrilled about this book I just finished: ¨Your Competent Child¨ (an affiliate link), which was suggested to me by a reader. How else would I have stumbled on this amazing book, I have no clue, but thanks to this blog, I have. The subtitle shows how in tune this is with me (and I suppose with you too): ¨towards new basic values for the family¨.

And back when Luísa was just a toddler and the biting and hitting one in our groups, I didn´t know how to handle so many situations, how to set the healthy boundaries of mutual respect, my physical circles were giving me just the old time out advice, the ¨bite her back and she will know how it feels¨ kind of thing. I wasn´t comfortable with it and I didn´t know what to do, so I basically did nothing. And things were getting a bit out of control, I wasn´t disciplining Luísa in any way, but especially not in our personal way, which I´m learning now.

With my blogging journey, I found so much information, so much room to talk differently, I made a few parenting coaching sessions with Tara, I put many of my struggles and concerns out here in my public living room and I think I am getting a much better grip of how to relate to my own daughter and other children.

I don´t have that many readers, but enough to make me smile. Sometimes I receive an email or a comment that totally makes my day. This week one that said: ¨You changed my life¨, a mom telling me how reading my blog and others I linked to made her realize that she doesn´t need a house or a car, just a simple life to share with her kids. How amazing to hear that and to think I changed someone´s life.

I get women writing to tell me how they too feel like traveling with their children and how reading my stories makes them take action do make it happen. Women tell me their stories of single motherhood, about the difficulties they go through and how reading my blog makes them not feel alone and instead inspired to pursue their dreams, women venting and therefore releasing a bit of the pain they feel, mothers taking a time off of their busy lives to drop me a note, how sweet.

So, as you can see now, there are enough reasons for me to keep passionate about this blog and keep doing it for a good while. I hope that besides being my self growth tool, I can reach more and more parents around, so we can inspire and help each other out.

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This article was originally posted on Tripping Mom by Marilia Di Cesare on September 26, 2011. Republished with authorization. Click here for all other posts.


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