Our daily bike ride to school in Costa Rica (pics)

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As soon as I came back from my surf trip in Nicaragua, I started looking for a new house. I had two finalists, one was at the school´s street, in front of the beach, with Wi-Fi, but I chose the one in the jungle, 1 minute from the beach (by bike), a little cabin 3Km away from the school. This means that I have to bike for 15 minutes to get to school, which for me was a plus the other house didn´t have.

Then, after staying in the house, I enjoyed other unique things about it, like the noise from the jungle, with the howler monkeys being the firsts at 4:45 followed by beautiful birds singing and the amazing fact that there are no mosquitoes around. Also, being a bit isolated and with no internet makes me practice more the guitar, with loud singing included, it´s really nice to know that no one can listen to me.

Back in Brazil, I live a bit away from town and surrounded by trees, but here it´s a real tropical forest, with all the stunning animals and trees that comes with it. I love going back before dark. It´s so peaceful that it feels like an invitation to rest. Luísa´s been so good about our night routine there.

And one of the things I love most about living in Puerto Viejo is the need to bike everywhere. We live on our bikes and we daily watch the amazing landscapes this place has to offer.

Every morning, we get off on our jungle path to go to school:

Then, I take a bit of asphalt and I keep at it all the way or I take this path by the beach for 1 Km:

We pass through town, we watch the basketball court with the beach in the background, we bike along Playa Negra and then turn on the school´s street (too bad my blog is not accepting me to post more pictures about this all in one post).

It`s a nice bike ride. My favorite part, still, is when Luísa casually lets her arm touch my hand, like this:




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