Our first week in Costa Rica (or Making dreams come true)

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It´s been one week since we arrived in Costa Rica and we spent the first two nights with a family of unschoolers that I met through couchsurfing.

I really enjoyed talking to Sharon, the mother, about how she raised her three children (now all adults) without ever sending them to school.

Unschooling is a different reality where I come from. I got familiar with the idea less than a year ago and when I brought up the subject to my friends back in Brazil, they were completely skeptical about how successful one can get without going to school.

Nice to see in real life that things can be much more different than what people assume.

We then went to this beautiful town called Sámara. An adorable village, but despite the beauty of the beach, the waves were far from good. So it was easy to skip and move on.

We are now in Santa Teresa where the waves are great and consistent all year round. Today I´ll check on the kindergartens and apartments to rent here before making any decision as in to stay here or keep going.

But I guess I might want to check another town in the south, it´s really far, but if we go, we will take a coupple of days to get there and take things slowly.

My goal is not to make tourism with Luísa. My goal is to find a simple surf town, with a good school (although I´m in love with the idea of unschooling, I honestly don´t want to handle Luísa by myself all the time and between a good kindergarten and a babysitter, I prefer the first) and a decent internet connection. I´m really committed to making a business online, rather than looking for a job right away.

How Luísa is taking things

She wet the bed at night three times (she´s been off the night diapers for over a month).

I wasn´t so nice about it (to say the least).

I complained that she wasn´t a baby anymore, that she could simply listen to me when I tell her to pee before sleeping. I changed her in a horrible mood, making her feel bad for it.

I felt horrible afterwards (some good old mama´s guilt).

The next day, I told her that it was all good, that she didn´t need to worry about peeing in the bed, that she will use diapers for a while until we have our definite house and that I understand that she might be feeling different with all these changes happening so fast (so far we slept at four different places in one week and might move a couple of times more). I told her that this doesn´t make her a baby – she gets really offended by being called a baby, as she says it she is already ¨a child¨.

She´s also a bit confused about where we live. She keeps asking where is our house, who is taking care of our house in Brazil and why we are not taking our backpacks with us.

I explain everything in an easy way. I also tell her how great she´s been with all of our traveling, how I enjoy that when we are moving she is always close to me and listening to what I say.

Besides the little confusion, I´m sure she is in heaven. She has me for her 24-7, literally. And I plan everything according to what will feel better for her.

I, on the other hand, feel a bit nervous about not having who to leave her with yet, unable to surf, get any writting done with all the interruptions, walk just about everywhere and see all there is to see with our baby steps pace. In fact, I just found a new modality to exercise with my child: a piggy-back ride.

The other day I wanted us to get somewhere and she was very tired, so I offered her to climb up and ended up walking about half an hour through the soft sand of the beach. Not bad.

She´s been really great, cooperative and has been showing some experience in the art of sitting down for hours on airplanes and buses.

Dreams coming true

I just accomplished a long time dream: surfing class A waves in another country. I was so lucky that yesterday a new mom-friend offered to watch Luísa on the beach for me.

Another dream is just around the corner: experiencing life in another country with my daughter and watching her learn another language. We did this in Chile for two months in different occasions, but now it´s more of the real deal, with months to come and so a lot of time to take things in.

Yesterday we met a few English speaking moms with their children at the beach and I have to say that lately nothing makes me more excited than connecting with other moms.

Luísa is on her way to learning English all right, she talks confidently in this language of her own that resembles English – so cool.

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