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I really enjoyed the 2,5 years that I wrote constantly here. I had great conversations through comments and emails. Tripping Mom made me look deep inside my parenting experience, but it´s time for me to take a break.

This all has been about traveling and parenting. Traveling alone with a small child is not always easy, and sometimes it is easy, but I don´t want to travel for a good while (though in my mind there´s Costa Rica, New Zealand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka for sometime in the future).

In my current routine there´s the thing I love doing more in the world: surfing. Besides this, I´m learning to dance hip hop with several other mamas, and I am working my flexible hours on different projects, so it´s good to be home.

And just as short on traveling stories I am short on parenting stories. I want to keep the private things more private. Two years of exposure is good enough.

For one thing, my daughter doesn´t like anyone to take pictures of her . Or talk about her. No praise, no criticism, nothing, she hates being judged or qualified in any way. ¨A kid¨ is so far the definition that doesn´t hurt her. If she had any idea of how much of her life I share with the world, she would not like it. And I often wonder: Is it really positive to put it all out there, my experience, my thoughts, my feelings?

I also don´t want to be part of the noise that is so abundant in our virtual world. I´d rather have you go out and play instead. Will it really encourage you to grow your own food if you see a picture of my tomatoes? Will you stop spoiling your kid if I do?

There´s one thing on my blog that you probably don´t find anywhere else, it´s my ability to talk about my failures, like here  and here and here. I hope this was useful stuff, when people could relate to being permissive or aggressive and had no one talking about it anywhere, but here they had and it´s comforting to know you are not alone.

But I don´t feel like writing about my failures anymore, or about the amazing things (like this or this or this). I just want to live them.

I might come back to the blog when I start traveling again, or with random posts when I get inspired, but for now, this is it.

I wanted to write for those of you who keep coming back for more. How lovely to have some loyal readers. It was for you that I kept writting (and for myself too). This blog is not big, and I never cared to have only 10 readers in the begginning (or around 300 now), it is thrilling to know that out there in the world there are people who care about what I write and that somehow they can benefit from my stories. This often made me feel a little famous and useful.

This article was originally posted on Tripping Mom by Marilia Di Cesare on November 29, 2012. Republished with authorization. Click here for all other posts.


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