Traveling solo for the first time in 4,5 years

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I organized myself a little trip without Luísa. I had the luck to connect with another single mom for some months now and we´ve been helping each other out. So, I asked if I could accumulate my babysitting hours to take them all off in a few days and she said it was fine.

So, I took off for 3 nights, while Luísa stayed at her current best friend´s house. This was my first time away from her for more than one night in 4,5 years! That was 2 months ago and I was so happy at the result that I started planning on doing it more often.

This simple short trip killed my previous assumption that being away from family and long time friends makes it impossible to take some time for myself. 

At my departure day I left the house right on time for everything and I had no snack or water bottle on me. This would never have happened in a normal trip with Luísa. I just smiled, and thought: ¨I´ll have a coke at our first stop!¨

I know drinking coke is embarrassing, I do it the least possible, but when Luísa or any other kid is not around, I´m entitled to not be a role model. I confess I go a bit junkie when I can.

So, yeah, arms free I went, little backpack, with a movie uploaded in my net-book to watch on the bus ride towards the mountains.

Before taking the bus, I had a friend giving me a ride to San Jose who was driving a Mercedez and at first I thought he was too fast. I thought: ¨Damn, maybe I shouldn´t have gotten a ride with someone I don´t know how they drive, I´m a mom, I can´t take this kind of risk¨.

Anyway, I took a long ride to see the mountain guy. I had an amazing time where I also could just read by myself or go on a guided night hike (never would have happened with Luísa). And I got back planning for more free days for myself, it doesn´t have to be on a date (in fact that romance is long gone now) but I´m all about going to the Pacific Coast just with my surfboard on my next solo trip.

When I arrived back home, Luísa didn´t look at me or said hello right away, she was too busy playing (good times when she was 2 and I´d pick her up at the kindergarten and every single time I´d be received with that dropping off of anything for the mama run).

The two girls are single children of single moms. So for them it was a first time having a friend to spend 24 hours for a few days in a row. Sleeping together and doing all the simple routines together, like bath and brushing teeth can be so much more fun and easier in the company of a friend. My friend told me Luísa was great. She was very mature, which meant she never cried or woke up at night, created any problems or asked about me.

Luísa never cried at our friend´s house, but it wasn´t long after we were back home for her to give me some whiny response about something.

Nothing like being in the comfort of mommy´s  presence, I guess…

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