When was your last mom´s night out?

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Two weeks ago I went to the movies with four other mom-friends. We organized it at a children´s birthday party a few days earlier and then were all set to go for it. We left our homes at 3:30 pm to go to the next city where there are movie theaters.

The price to pay to live in a paradise location usually includes not having a movie theater within at least 80Km.

After watching “Tropa de Elite 2”, a very good Brazilian movie about the criminality, police and corruption inherent to the system in Rio de Janeiro, I told my friends a bit embarrassed that the last time I went to the movies was nine months ago.

The other mom-friends haven´t been to a proper movie session in years! Yes, they all made their calculations and three of them haven´t been to the movies in 5 years!

If these mothers haven´t been to the movies in years, you can guess they haven´t done way much more of simple entertaining things like that.

In fact, we always planned about having a day of the week out with friends and no kids but it took us years to finally put this into practice. Now, our Wednesdays are officially mom´s day out (we are not daring much on the night´s out factor, since we all kind of go to bed early…).

Last week our meeting was at a swimming pool  (without the kids we were all feeling a bit guilty on this activity).

Do you have a scheduled day or night out for yourself?

If you don´t, you should take a look at these 21 reasons to schedule a weekly night out for yourself, written by Stacey. She has the Thursdays taken for herself and she encourages other moms to do the same.

It´s way more than a movie

Before our first scheduled movie, two of my friends confessed that they couldn´t eat lunch for they were so nervous about our meeting! We all were very excited to be out, like children being allowed a treat.

Alexandra talks well in Is it only a movie? about what she found in her weekly movie out with friends: “It reminds me of the connections I have and that I am not alone in my everyday life”.

Together we talk, we laugh, we eat whatever we decide to eat at our own time. We don´t need to spend money, we just know that we must meet and hang out to recharge from the mommy life that can get easily overwhelming.

All mothers feel a bit lonely and what better way to transcend this than by having great company? It´s a necessity, we need to talk to adult friends once in a while, we need a group to belong to that will make us laugh, be heard and listen to their stories.

If we don´t have a minimum of structure to this, like once a week or twice a month (I used to have my full-moon night out – talk about scarcity), it´s too easy to let the time pass without recharging the batteries with friends. Before you know it, it´s been years without going to the movies.

Now I look forward to all my Wednesdays with friends cheerfully. And even though I still feel a bit guilty when I leave Luísa crying behind me with someone else, I come back much lighter and ready to take on another week of intense caring for my daughter, renewed by the bonding with my friends.

This article was originally posted on Tripping Mom by Marilia Di Cesare on December 20, 2010. Republished with authorization. Click here for all other posts.


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